Putting the 'I' into 'AI' may be the key to your sales success

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Top 5 stress reduction strategies in sales

I’m either exactly the right person, or completely the wrong person, to write an article about how to overcome stress in sales,[..]

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Could empathy be the B2B key?

'Fake it til you make it' is a mantra most people in business understand and one many of us have used as the cornerstone of our[..]

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5 simple sales strategies for 2017

Optimising sales is the single biggest priority for sales managers and sales reps in most businesses around the world. Truth be[..]

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Is your sales training failing your salespeople?

The typical response to a slump in sales is to hire an external training company, in the hopes they can somehow arrest the slide. I[..]

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Why even the hottest deals go cold?

Closing the sale is a make-or-break moment for every salesperson. It’s the culmination of weeks or months of blood, sweat and tears[..]

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Changes in sales management - Keeping up and getting ahead

With the advent of social media, CRM software, and marketing automation, sales management has been turned upside down in recent[..]

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Rebirth of the Salesman: One of 2016’s Top 50 sales books

It’s a strange sensation, sitting in front of your computer preparing to write a book, especially a book about a subject like how[..]

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Once bitten, twice smart

In my day-to-day activities, I spend an inordinate amount of time talking to customers and C-suite decision makers on behalf of[..]

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The tale of the tape

Many of the best salespeople in the world look to champion athletes and sports stars for inspiration. We respect their hard work[..]

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