Putting the 'I' into 'AI' may be the key to your sales success

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So you want to meet the C-suite?

I interviewed a customer recently, as part of a workshop I was running for a client in the technology industry. One topic they[..]

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5 simple sales strategies for 2017

Optimising sales is the single biggest priority for sales managers and sales reps in most businesses around the world. Truth be[..]

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Want to close more sales? Follow these 3 simple tips …

B2B sales isn’t like a factory assembly line. While some elements of repetition may exist in sales, no customer or prospect in the[..]

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What was sales really like in the 'good old days'?

A young sales rep asked me recently to explain the differences between the B2B sales profession these days, by comparison with the[..]

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Is your sales training failing your salespeople?

The typical response to a slump in sales is to hire an external training company, in the hopes they can somehow arrest the slide. I[..]

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Why even the hottest deals go cold?

Closing the sale is a make-or-break moment for every salesperson. It’s the culmination of weeks or months of blood, sweat and tears[..]

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How to sell to millennials

The buying patterns of millennials developed in a time where authenticity, transparency and connectivity ruled the world. The last[..]

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To increase sales, are all leads created equal?

Near the beginning of Orwell’s masterpiece, Animal Farm, the animals embrace the powerful philosophy that “All animals are created[..]

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Zen and the art of sales forecasting

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance tells the story of a road trip taken by an unnamed author and his son Chris, from[..]

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