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Traits of the most successful sales professionals

At some stage of our career, all of us will work with someone who seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to making sales. 

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What not to do when closing a deal

As we edge closer to the end of the quarter/financial year, the pressure to close deals is almost certainly increasing. The funny[..]

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Top 5 stress reduction strategies in sales

I’m either exactly the right person, or completely the wrong person, to write an article about how to overcome stress in sales,[..]

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“I’m a sales management consultant,” I explained to passport control

This week my sales management consulting company turned 6 years old. It was a milestone day for me and my team and it gave me pause[..]

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4 simple steps to understanding enterprise sales

Enterprise sales is the term used to describe selling a high-end product or service to large or complex businesses. These sales[..]

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How to become a sales superhero

So you want to be a great salesperson, a truly great salesperson? Do you really want it? Good, you’re halfway there. The other half[..]

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Could empathy be the B2B key?

'Fake it til you make it' is a mantra most people in business understand and one many of us have used as the cornerstone of our[..]

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Sales and the art of storytelling

In our media saturated world, cutting a path through the forest of fake news and content clutter can be a herculean task. Even now,[..]

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So you want to meet the C-suite?

I interviewed a customer recently, as part of a workshop I was running for a client in the technology industry. One topic they[..]

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