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What not to do when closing a deal

As we edge closer to the end of the quarter/financial year, the pressure to close deals is almost certainly increasing. The funny[..]

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“I’m a sales management consultant,” I explained to passport control

This week my sales management consulting company turned 6 years old. It was a milestone day for me and my team and it gave me pause[..]

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4 simple steps to understanding enterprise sales

Enterprise sales is the term used to describe selling a high-end product or service to large or complex businesses. These sales[..]

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Could empathy be the B2B key?

'Fake it til you make it' is a mantra most people in business understand and one many of us have used as the cornerstone of our[..]

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What was sales really like in the 'good old days'?

A young sales rep asked me recently to explain the differences between the B2B sales profession these days, by comparison with the[..]

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How to sell to millennials

The buying patterns of millennials developed in a time where authenticity, transparency and connectivity ruled the world. The last[..]

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Who says customer service is dead and buried?

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“Shoes of Prey”- Answered my prayers!

I don't know about you, but finding a special birthday present for someone close to me is often something I struggle with. I'm not[..]

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Three rules of solution selling, Vanilla Ice style

It was 1989 ... parachute pants, backward baseball caps and tie dye t-shirts were all the rage. Young men were dislocating their[..]

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