Putting the 'I' into 'AI' may be the key to your sales success

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The ‘So What’ card

The sales rep stood with an air of quiet confidence, as a hush fell over the room. All the key stakeholders were present, CEO, CFO[..]

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How can I sell, I'm not a salesperson?

I get asked this question all the time, by customers, business acquaintances, even friends and family. There’s an underlying[..]

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Explore. Dream. Discover.

In 2006, I was lucky enough to spend a week exploring the Galapagos Islands with my then fiancee, now wife of almost 10 years. We[..]

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Cold-calling again at 50, you're kidding right?

Earlier this week an old sales colleague and friend of mine called me looking for some advice. He’s a seasoned sales professional[..]

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Who says customer service is dead and buried?

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7 simple secrets of sales winners

I’m sure you’ve all met at least one 'gun' salesperson at some point in your working life? They seem to have the Midas touch when[..]

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You've got 155 great ideas, why do you always go with the safest one?

Ideas often come from the strangest places don’t they? And once they get implanted in your brain, you never quite know when they’ll[..]

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'Re-birth of a Salesman' - Are 40 year old salespeople past their sell buy date?

In his Pulitzer prize winning play Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller presents a sobering vision of the fear and isolation[..]

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Coffee Moustache - How to build trust in sales situations

In my line of work (running a sales training and consulting company) there are lots of coffee meetings. When I meet a new prospect[..]

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